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I'm just like you...except for the fact that I have two heads. It's no big deal. I've gotten used to it. Although it can be confusing at times. I tend to have varying opinions on a number of topics and at times one head wants to do something the other is uncomfortable with...no big deal, we are obviously BFF and, the main thing is we cooperate in order to make it work efficiently. My mom, her name was "Annie", was so worried that I would not be accepted that she hid me in a secret passage under the sea and taught me, sort of like home-school, to accept my differences, our one of a kind situation. Mom understood that with uniqueness comes misunderstanding, even if it is unintended. She raised me in hiding to protect me from bullying and misconception, but she knew that one day, when she was no longer here with me, I would have to make it in the world, with my special characteristics. She taught me tolerance and how to imagine how others may perceive me...after all I thought this two-headed thing was the norm. I learned to understand how it is to be in another creatures "shoes". All of us really need to understand that although we are all very unique and special, we just have to get along...


We are looking for artwork from local people, hopefully when they were kids in their childhood, who loved seeing the first dragon, named "Annie", the mother of Rojak. Pease take a digital photo of any drawings and creative interpretations of the dragon that you may have done long ago. We would love to post these on our website so that everyone can be part of our project. Soon we will be offering merchandise and actual momentos from "Annie".


Big News!!!...an old photo has shown up at our doorstep. It is Rojak when he was a little baby dragon. I mean, how many two-headed dragons are there? We are in the process of authenticating its age and other particulars and we will have more to report soon.

Our first artwork depicts "Annie" in 1995, by Indian River Montessori student Maria Palmieri, who was 11 1/2 years old when she drew and colored this wonderful look at Brevard County's original dragon. Maria used to see the dragon from a spot right off the Eau Galle Causeway bridge, near the southern tip of the island. Thank you Maria for being our first artist to honor "Annie".

The photo is on an old mounted board...it appears that Jake, on the right, is prematurely testing out his flame-ability, while Rocco is tossing their tail around...not sure of date yet...more detailed analysis required...trying to enlist NASA scientists for more accuracy. We may have more luck if we go to Space-X or Blue Origins. Both have expressed interest in Rojak.


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