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ROJAK™ will be offering some very UNIQUE items in the near future, items that relect openness, acceptance, participation and individualism...items that celebrate all the special qualities that make creatures individual.


ROJAK™ lightup replica

A scale model of this special new resident of Florida's east central coast, that changes colors, shrieks in unison and lots more...a trully neat little version.


"The Legend of Rojak"


IA fascinating look into just how ROJAK™ came to be and why his life story is important to us all. This manual includes lots of lessons that we all can use about acceptance, diversity and the joy of having wings.




WOW  to the very most exciting shirts, shorts and hats available, all proclaiming inclusion in the wonderful participation of life club where everybody gets along most of the time.

Front    Back

Finally, the ROJAK™ Super Soft tee-shirt for guys, gals and kids...whoever, whatever...even other dragons.  A detailed multi color silk screen reproduction of our newest Brevardian




Downloadlable or CD...all your favorite "let's play together" and include everybody in the world...everyday music that will bring all of the excitement of accepting all kinds of people.


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